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Spotify Accrues 1.4 Million US Users Within A Month

Spotify has had a successful launch in the United States, with the popular music streaming service acquiring 1.4 million customers for its free service in the first month.

According to an article on All Things Digital, the company already has 175,000 paying customers in the US, which constitutes a conversion rate of 12.5%.

The service is still available in limited beta avatar in the US and is not available to the general public. Industry experts expect Spotify to continue growing in the US market after it goes public with its service.

However, the number of paying customers that Spotify has in the US is still some way behind the 800,000 paying customers that Rhapsody has. The European version of Spotify, which was launched in the UK, Sweden, Norway, France and Spain in 2009, has more than 1.2 million paying customers.

The company is offering a free version of the service for customers who don’t mind advertisements, but they have limited access to key Spotify features. A $4.99 per month version comes with similar features as the free version but minus the ads.

The premium $10 per month gives access to all of Spotify’s features including offline access to music and the ability to stream songs to your mobile via the Spotify Android and iPhone apps.