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Tech giants set standard for active 3D glasses

A coalition of TV-making tech giants has teamed up to create what it hopes will become the de facto standard for active shutter 3D glasses.

Panasonic, Samsung and Sony have all jumped ito bed with glasses-maker Xpand for a project snappily named the Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative in order to consolidate all of the disparate technologies currently out their under one three-dimensional umbrella.

The companies say they intend to work together on the development and licensing of radio frequency (RF) and infra red (IR) protocols for use with TVs, computers and projectors all tied together with Xpand's active shutter glasses.

The new standard will be formalised in September 2012 and compatible glasses should start hitting consumer outlets in 2012. They will be backward compatible this year's technology.

The four companies' aim is to invent a universal standard which will be adopted by all segments of the tech industry.

Talking heads from each of the four outfits said stuff like: "We are very pleased that today's latest collaboration will incorporate our previous concept into these new standardization efforts..." And: "Today's announced collaboration underscores Samsung's promise to meet consumer needs among the ever-changing advancements of home entertainment and consumer electronics technology." Or: "Through this alliance, we all look forward to addressing critical industry issues to enable a better consumer experience across products." And finally: "We are delighted to contribute our efforts and technologies to the Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative for both RF and IR technology that we announced today with Panasonic, Samsung and Sony."

Xpand glasses currently weigh in at around at more than £100 a pair but some pundits reckon the price could drop to around $20 once adoption of the technology takes off and manufacturing becomes cheaper.

The battle between active and passive glasses rumbles on with the first camp arguing better quality and the latter championing lighter, cheaper hardware which doesn't need recharging and leaves you with a less sweaty nose.

Shame 3D's dead in the water [Ed.].