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Windows Phone General Manager Departs Microsoft

Microsoft Corporation is set to lose the man behind its Windows Phone OS, as Charlie Kindel announced his exit in a long email to his fellow workers and the entire Windows Phone 7 team.

According to tech website PC World Charlie Kindel, the Windows Phone general manager and an employee with Microsoft Corporation for last 21 years, has decided to leave his position and pursue a start-up venture.

"I'm not yet ready to disclose details about the new venture but I can say I will be staying in the Seattle area to build it. It has to do with sports, advertising, mobile, social-networking, and, of course, the cloud. I'm insanely excited to get started," Kindel stated in his own blog on Monday.

Kindel is largely credited for being the driving force behind the Windows Phone platform, which was launched around nine months back and now has more than 27,000 apps. However, the platform is yet to get anywhere near the success and rate of adoption enjoyed by Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android worldwide.

Kindel who has worked for major projects at the company including Windows 2.0 and 3.0 SDK and DDK Support, said that he has taken the tough decision to leave the top rank after he was offered an opportunity to start his own company.

"To my kids: No, just because I don't work at Microsoft anymore you may not use Google. Remember, every time you use Google, a puppy dies," the now former-Microsoft exec jested.