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£349.95 LG 42PT353 42-inch HD Ready Plasma TV with Freeview

The LG 42PT353 is a new age Plasma television from the house of LG Electronics delivering ultrahigh picture quality with the host of features built into the system. This appliance features a nice contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1 which gives the viewer, a marvellous experience with its in-depth and realistic picture quality.

When you are watching action movies, this television, with its 42-inch screen, lets you clearly experience each and every detail of the dynamic motion with its one of the least response times 0.001milliseconds in responding to the scene changes. It has a 600Hz sub-field drive technology which reduces the picture blurring during fast movements in the display, thus making the HD gameplay, movies or programs, a remarkable experience.

The LG 42PT353 television set has the required capability to become a home theatre with its breath-taking picture quality and virtual audio surround sound system where optimum level of sound delivery is monitored by its digital signal processor on the basis of size of the room, thus letting the viewer hear a detailed sound along with crystal clear and responsive picture display.

Freeview is built-in this system which lets you view main TV channels absolutely free. If you want to connect your Blu-ray disc player or HD game console to your TV, then it has two in-built HDMI connection sockets whereas component and 2 SCART sockets come separately which support connecting older output components.

The LG 42PT353 42-inch HD Ready Plasma TV with Freeview is available from Richer Sounds for £349.95.