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Is Amazon Aiming For Kindle Based Social Network?

Rumours about Amazon preparing to dive into the social networking scene have been proven right as Kindle users tweets about Amazon’s latest integration with leading social networking websites.

According to the Atlantic, users of Amazon’s leading e-book reader Kindle have flooded both Facebook and Twitter with messages regarding the new feature available on Kindle’s website that allows easy integration of its Public Notes feature with both the social networking platforms.

The latest feature which was originally introduced in February this year allows users to link their Public Notes with their accounts on Facebook and Twitter enabling them to follow other Kindle users from the same bunch of friends far more easily.

“It's also a little bit creepy that the default for linking social media networks is set to broadcast your Public Notes activity on those networks to all your friends and followers. That option at least can be shut off; auto-adding the people you follow can't.” the author at tech website Wired has noted.

Kindle is ready to share its Public notes feature on social networking websites, but users have been left disappointed as the company still lags behind with an e-lending feature which would enable users to write in the name of the book they are looking to read, and see for how many users in the friend list have it to share.