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Amazon Introduces Kindle Cloud Reader, Avoids Paying Apple

Online retail giant Amazon has unveiled a new Web based application, rather quietly in fact, designed to allow users to read their Kindle eBooks directly from their Safari or Chrome browser on their PC or iPad.

Strangely though, arrival of the new offering, dubbed the Amazon Cloud Reader is yet to be officially announced by the company.

The Web based reader is reportedly compatible with the Chrome browser on Windows, Chromebooks, Mac and Linux, the Safari browser on Mac and PCs, as well as on the Safari’s iPad variant (featuring iOS 4+).

The app allows users to read, as well as buy books online. Not just that, it also enables them to store a local copy of the book using the local storage feature in the HTML5, meaning users can continue reading their books even after getting disconnected from the Internet.

The new offering has also ensured that Amazon will no longer have to pay Apple 30 percent cut of every eBook it sells via the web based Kindle reader. The retail giant made some significant changes in the Kindle app for the iPhone and iPad recently in order to get rid of the burden of paying Apple that fee.

Word is that the Cloud Reader will serve as a companion to the Kindle’s iPad app as of now, as Amazon is not planning to replace the app completely (for now).