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Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader Surfaces Out of The Blue

Amazon has announced an indirect war against the charges that Apple levies from online retailers across the globe. With the Kindle Cloud reader, Amazon has quietly dished out a web based version of its reader allowing users to read their eBooks directly from their Safari or Chrome browser on their desktop PC or iPad or iPad 2.

One interesting thing to note here is that Amazon hasn’t yet officially announced the cloud based Kindle reader.

The website states that Kindle cloud Reader is compatible with the Chrome browser on all operating major systems, the Safari browser on Mac and PCs, as well as on the Safari’s iPad/iPad 2 variant.

Kindle reader’s functionality can be compared to that of Amazon’s MP3 cloud player wherein users can listen to songs while connected to the net or through their local cache. In similar terms the users will be able to read, as well as buy books online and store a local copy of the book. The storage features is based on HTML5, meaning users can continue reading their books even after getting disconnected from the Internet.

Amazon’s latest move towards a cloud based reading platform will make sure that it doesn’t have to pay the 30% cut to Apple which it used to because of its iOS based Kindle app.

"Without even leaving the app, customers can start shopping in the Kindle Store and will find a unique and immersive shopping experience built specifically for iPad's Safari browser," Amazon said.