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Amazon Registers Steep Rise in Sale of Baseball Bats, Batons

The British version of online retail giant Amazon has witnessed an overwhelming 5000 percent growth in the sales of baseball bats and police batons in the last 24 hours as the capital city suffered from the most violent unrest in the recent years.

Baseball bats, which can also be used as a weapon, comprised seven out of the top 10 products in the ‘movers and shakers’ section in the site’s leisure and sports list. The sales of various kind of baseball bats along with many other objects that can be potentially used as weapons, registered a massive upward turn since the beginning of the week- in between 1,756 percent and 5,149 percent.

The device that looks sort of similar to the police baton, and can be expanded to up to 21 inch in length, also found itself towards the top of the chart in this trend.

“A ‘military police telescopic baton,’ described by the manufacturer as useful for ‘effective self-defence with extra reach,’ was the 110th bestselling item among Amazon's sports and leisure customers, up from a ranking of 5,622 just 24 hours ago, according to this Reuters report.

On the other hand, Police have warned people not to go outside during night hours and has discouraged potential vigilantes from tackling rioters themselves.