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Apple goes after Motorola in German court

As Apple's legal campaign against table rival Samsung continues, evidence has emerged that the company plans to target other tablet manufacturers including Motorola over alleged design infringements.

Apple has long maintained that Samsung has been copying its product designs for both the Galaxy smartphone and Galaxy Tab table ranges, accusing the South Korean electronics giant of copying the design of both the iPhone and iPad.

It's an argument that Samsung strongly denies, but one which has seen a court in Düsseldorf grant a temporary injunction which prevents the sale or marketing of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 anywhere in the European Union until the conclusion of legal action.

A 44-page court filing details Apple's grievances against Samsung has been taken apart by Florian Mueller over on FOSS Patents, and an interesting snippet uncovered: it's not just Samsung that Apple is targeting.

Mueller translates a passage from the German text as revealing that Motorola and a German company called JAY-tech have also been sued over their tablet designs. "[The] passage says that Apple filed with the same court - district court of Düsseldorf - a complaint over the design of the Motorola Xoom, but it doesn't state whether that complaint included a request for a preliminary injunction.

"The other company that Apple sued in Germany, JAY-tech, was served a preliminary injunction," Mueller adds, "and according to Apple's representations, it was upheld by the court 'in its entirety' even after a hearing."

The news that Apple is suing Motorola is nothing new - the companies have been engaged in legal wrangling over a series of patents that each claims the other is infringing with its products - but the fact that Apple has specifically mentioned the Xoom demonstrates that the company is unlikely to stop at Samsung when it comes to using the law to keep its iPad line at the top of the pile.