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Apple Unveils Mac OS X Lion Recovery Disk Tool

Apple Inc. on Monday released Lion Recovery Disk Assistant software to enable the users of its latest Mac OS X 10.7 Lion create recovery partitions on external storage devices.

The latest utility offered by the Cupertino, California-based iPhone maker will prove beneficial to Mac Lion users in case their hard drives go kaput.

The software will run every function that a built-in recovery drive in the Lion OS does like re-installing the OS, repairing the drive, restoration from Time Machine storage.

The Lion Recovery Disk Assistant software is available on company’s website for free download. Mac owners can easily use the utility with the help of a flash drive of minimum 1 GB storage space or more. Hard drives connected via a data cable can also be put to use.

"This drive can be used in the event you cannot start your computer with the built-in Recovery HD, or you have replaced the hard drive with a new one that does not have Mac OS X installed," Apple stated on its website.

Apple has warned its users that the new utility software will erase already stored data on the external hard drive therefore it is advisable to back up all the existing data. The recovery tool can be downloaded from the link here.