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China Allegedly Suffered 500,000 Cyber Attacks in 2010

A new report issued by a China-based computer security agency has revealed that the country faced nearly 500,000 computer attacks in the year 2010, half of which were originated in foreign countries.

The National Computer Network Emergency Response Coordination Centre of China, country’s major group keeping a tab on computer security has informed that Chinese computers faced around 493,000 web attacks last year, out of which about 50 percent were from countries including the United States and India.

According to the New York Times, the report has revealed that around 14.7 percent of total attacks were recorded to be from the Internet Protocol Addresses (IPs) belonging to the US while around eight percent were found to be from India.

It also revealed that nearly 35,000 web pages were found to be attacked by hackers in 2010 which is a sharp 67.6 percent hike from the data recorded in 2009.

The agency report has come a day after web security vendor McAfee released a report to reveal that the company has found attacks on government and corporate websites in the US coming largely from one particular country. While the firm did not name any one country, media went abuzz with hint on China being the main culprit.