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Flame Red Nintendo 3DS And Array Of New Games Coming

Japanese gaming giant Nintendo will be launching a Flame Red version of its 3DS hand held gaming console on September 9th in the US.

The announcement comes as the company revealed that it was planning to cut the price of the glasses free 3D gaming console from $249 to $169 from August 12th.

The console, which is currently available in Cosmos Black and Aqua Blue models, has not been able to match Nintendo’s sales forecasts, forcing the company to reduce the price for the game and worrying investors in the process.

Nintendo also plans to release new games between now and the holiday season in order to give 3DS sales a much desired boost. The company plans to release 3D gaming titles centered around its Mario, Pokemon, Star Fox and Sonic the Hedgehog franchises.

“For us, this is really about reinvigorating the Nintendo 3DS business and making sure we're powering the business all through the holiday timeframe,” Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime told CNN.

“We've been in this video game business for 30-plus years. In order to have a strong holiday, you need to go into the holiday time period with strong momentum,” he added.

There is no news yet about when or if the flame red 3DS console will be available in the UK and elsewhere.