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Huge Apple iPhone 5 Demand Already, Survey Shows

According to a recent survey from Piper Jaffray, there is already enormous demand for Apple's upcoming iPhone, even though there is no certain information on the iPhone's design, performance, name or launch date.

Nonetheless, according to the Piper Jaffray study, many consumers seem to have decided to buy the iPhone 5, while RIM and Nokia appear to be going down, as market figures and consumer purchasing intentions suggest.

The survey of smartphone users showed that 29% of respondents currently own an iPhone and 64% said that their next smartphone purchase would be an iPhone. Out of those planning to buy the iPhone, more than a half (55%) are waiting for the iPhone 5's arrival, without even knowing what the next-gen device will be like.

Only 6% of iPhone owners are disappointed with their smartphone and plan to switch to Android, while 42% of Android owners are intending to switch to Apple's iPhone with their next purchase.

The survey is quite small, polling only 216 respondents, and it was carried out on the streets of Minneapolis, in food courts and "near the baseball stadium on a game day", so it can hardly be taken as a highly representative, accurate indicator of the smartphone market's future.

Still, it is quite interesting to see the level of expectation attached to Apple's iPhone 5 and how many people plan on buying it, knowing basically nothing about the smartphone.