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iOS 5 Beta 5 Tethered Jailbreak Available

Barely a few days have passed by since iPhone maker Apple Inc. unveiled the beta 5 version of its iOS 5, and the jailbreak of the software has already been made available by the iPhone Dev Team hackers.

Apparently the hackers issued a beta update to the Redsn0w tool- something that has proved itself as quite a handy tool time and again when it comes to jailbreaking iOS devices.

The Redsn0w tool is now available for both the Windows and Mac operating systems. The tool can be utilised to jailbreak a wide range of iOS devices including the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with the newest version of the OS platform.

Jailbreaking of a device basically enables it to extend its support to even those codes which the product officially does not support. It comes really handy if for those who feel the need of installing a third party app that cannot be found in the App Store.

Not just that, it also allows users to install boot logs and make some other significant changes in the operating system.

“In order to use the software you’ll need to connect your mobile device to a computer via a USB cable and run the redsn0w app,” according to this mobiputing report.

As the jailbreak is a tethered one, any time a user reboots the iOS device, he/she needs to reconnect the device to a computer and run the software again.