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iPhone 4 Now $170 At RadioShack As iPhone 5 Approaches

On the verge of the iPhone 5 launch, retailers are clearing out their inventory to make room for Apple's upcoming device. Just last week, RadioShack announced it was cutting prices for the iPhone 4 and now the discount has gone even further to $170.

The Fort Worth, Texas-based retailer is dropping prices by $30 for all versions of the iPhone 4; the 16 GB model which is now priced at $170, with the top-end 32 GB iPhone 4 now costing $200.

Actually, cutomers could get there hands on an iPhone 4 for as little as $20, with a discount of up to $150 when trading in an iPhone 3G or 3GS.

The discount will be in place until August 20th and it is probably part of the retailers plans to clear out the shelves. It often occurs that retailers look to sell off inventory, offering discounts and special deals, in order to clear the shelf space before new models are released. This time, their move is probably related to the expected release of Apple's next generation iPhone in September or October.

When the iPhone 5 does finally arrive, resellers expect a large influx of iPhone 4 handsets, which will also cause the smartphone's price to drop further. Although the majority are referring to Apple's upcoming device as the 'iPhone 5', there have been suggestions it could be called the 'iPhone 4GS' if it comes with 4G connectivity.