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iPhone 5 Bill Of Materials Proposed By Bloomberg

The closer we get to the supposed autumn release of Apple's fifth generation iPhone, the more rumours appear about the launch, carriers, design and specifications of the smartphone. However, none of the various predictions have been as detailed as the one that follows.

A hypothetical cost breakdown has recently been posted online by Bloomberg. It isn't certain whether Bloomberg, which is known to have some well connected sources, has some definite information about the upcoming iPhone's bill of materials and specs, but they have revealed some interesting details in a chart titled "Apple iPhone 5 Hypothetical Gross Margin Analysis".

The chart includes component costs for the next generation iPhone, whose total bill of materials (plus shipping, packaging, testing, royalty costs etc.) appears to be somewhere around $270. Apple's gross margin would be 56.4% after selling the device for $620, according to the Bloomberg estimates. The hypothetical bill of materials / costing applies in the case of a 16GB iPhone 5.

The BOM chart isn't accompanied by any detailed explanations of the analysis, however, the graphic does display the rumoured pricing for each component assumed to be used for the phone. We have previously heard rumours about the detailed specifications included, such as a 1Ghz A5 processor, 512 MB of RAM, casing, antennas, PCB, high-resolution cameras, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and others.