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iPhone 5 Lookalike 'HiPhone 5' Surfaces in China

A fake iPhone 5, inspired by the leaked images of the device, has been discovered to be on sale in China.

According to Reuters, the ‘hiPhone 5’ is available from Chinese online shopping platform Taobao for as low as 200 yuan which comes to be around £20.

However, like Apple, the quality of the hiPhone 5 varies with the price, with the most premium version of the device being available for 800 yuan or £76. The device reportedly comes in red and pink.

Chinese media is reporting that the fake iPhone 5 is thinner than the iPhone 4 and comes with round edges. Other reports are claiming that the device is extremely light and almost feels like that one is holding a plastic toy. The reports are likely based on some images that were leaked by the supply chain.

China, is known for piracy and forgeries of original products but faking a device whose existence has not been confirmed by Apple is perhaps too much. According to the reports, the hiPhone 5 has been designed using the images leaked by Apple’s supply chain partners.

Recently, a bunch of fake Apple stores operating in prominent districts in China had come to light thanks to an alert American blogger, prompting Apple to file a lawsuit in order to protect its interests.