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Microsoft KinectFusion Project Enables Real-time Face Modelling

Web researchers at Microsoft Corporation, Beijing division have come with a new advance and one of its kind 3D scanning technology along with the motion capture technique for Kinect.

According to tech website Engadget, researchers at Microsoft revealed in a paper while attending the SIGGRAPH 2011, a common discussion platform for computer graphics being held in Vancouver, Canada between 7-11 August.

The paper revealed how, researchers can develop the new technology using motion capture along with 3D scans. Interestingly, they have also come around the idea to estimate the minimum number of scans required to develop an accurate face. This will cut down on time required turning the system more efficient.

“There's no question that this methodology could be used to spark the next generation of gaming interaction and augmented reality, taking a user's surroundings and making it a live part of the experience. Moreover, game design could be significantly impacted,” the website reads.

While tech experts and enthusiasts believe that the research is hardly put into practical use by companies, but the way 3D scaling technology is going places, it would not take much time and effort to install its enhanced version in the Kinect in the near future. More can be read from Microsoft’s page here.