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Microsoft Patch Tuesday Fixes 22 Vulnerabilities Including One From 1990s

Software giant Microsoft has released 13 security bulletins has a part of its Patch Tuesday updates pack, which fixes 22 vulnerabilities in its Windows operating system, Internet Explorer and developer tools.

Out of the 13 security bulletins that Microsoft released for the month of August, two of them were labelled as ‘critical’, nine were deemed ‘important’ and the remaining two were labelled as ‘moderate’.

The bulletins fix 22 security vulnerabilities in desktop and server versions of Internet Explorer, Windows operating system, .NET and Visual Basic developer tools.

The two critical vulnerabilities, which affect Internet Explorer and Windows DNS server, should be patched immediately, Microsoft advised. The company also said that the Internet Explorer vulnerability will soon be exploited in the wild probably within the next 30 days while the probability of DNS flaw being exploited was on the lower end of the spectrum and may get exploited next month some time.

One of the vulnerability in Internet Explorer is capable of execution of code remotely if the user visits a malware laden website, Microsoft warned.

"Everything from Microsoft operating system kernel and networking components to their Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser and development products are impacted to patch information disclosure, denial of service, memory corruption, and elevation of privilege vulnerabilities," Kurt Baumgartner, a senior malware researcher at Kaspersky Lab, wrote on the company blog.