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Twitter Traffic Surges Following London Riots

The riots in London have resulted in a massive surge in traffic on Twitter and other social media websites, it has been revealed.

According to data released by internet market research company Experian Hitwise, micro blogging site Twitter has seen the surge in traffic as a result of the unrest in London, which saw hundreds of people rioting and looting.

The company said in a blog post that Twitter saw the biggest spike in internet traffic in the UK on August 8, accounting for 1 in every 170 internet visits in the UK.

Hitwise estimated that approximately 3.4 million Britons visited Twitter on August 8, with the platform receiving 15 percent more visits on August 8 than it did during the super-injunction scandal, which saw its last biggest surge in traffic.

“Although people were glued to the news sites for updates on the unrest, it was Twitter which has benefited the most from traffic as a result of the unrest in London,” the company noted

“The real-time sharing of information through Twitter has made the platform the ideal discussion platform to spread updates on major news events like the riots, and yesterday (8 August) was Twitter’s biggest ever spike in UK traffic online,” it added.