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Video of 'Apple iPhone 5 web site' leaked

Video of what claims to be a leaked web site created by Apple's Swiss outpost has hit the Internet.

Proving that some people really do have far too much time on their hands, the video shows several pages of a hidden area of the site accessed by clicking on an invisible link on this page (around the 16 second mark in the video below). Needless to say, the ghostly link doesn't work for us no matter how hard we poke about.

What follows is probably the most elaborate and sophisticated fake we've ever seen but there are just too many clues to suggest this is not the real deal.

The images used are obviously renders which is something Apple never uses, and they're not very good ones at that.

Getting caught by the same schoolboy error as just about every Apple fake we have ever seen, the perpetrators have used the wrong font in a number of places, particularly on the back panel of the handset itself.

But perhaps the biggest goof is that the phone is shown with a 'no service' icon in several pictures, something which Apple and its airtime partners would not be seen dead doing.

There are also inconsistencies in the copy with one page saying the device has a 4.0-inch display and another putting it at 4.2 inches.

We're always slightly baffled as to why anyone would go to such a lot of time and trouble to create such elaborate fakes, and this one must have taken may days if not weeks to put together. It's not as if Apple is going to give anyone a job designing web sites for them based on this kind on nonsense, is it?

The folks behind this particular fake have obviously done at least some of their homework based on the current conjecture surrounding the iPhone 5, showing it with a larger screen, slimmer bezel, contoured back, improved camera and a slimmer chassis.

The real iPhone 5 is expected to drop on September 16th but we're calling iPhoney on this admirable, but ultimately pointless, fakery.