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Virgin Media To Cease Services in Westminster

Virgin Media has announced that it won’t be offering its services in the London borough of Westminster after January 2012.

According to ZDNet, the company claims that the infrastructure it has rented from BT is not capable of supporting superfast broadband, cable TV and telephone services.

Virgin Media has already notified its customers in Westminster area that its plans to discontinue services there and advised them to move to another service provider before January.

“This is an unusual circumstance, in that it's one of the rare areas where we don't own the network ourselves,” a Virgin Media spokesperson told ZD Net UK.

He also revealed that another area where the company had leased equipment from BT was Milton Keynes but the services in that area will not be affected.

The company failed to name the neighbourhood which will stop receiving its services but revealed that it was a conservation area, which made it difficult for them to get planning permission.

The spokesperson added that losing a couple of thousand home wouldn't impact the overall growth of Virgin Media.

Meanwhile, customers are clearly not happy with Virgin’s decision but at least they got to know why they were receiving a poor service and response from the company all this while.