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Will New Apple Smartphone Be Called "iPhone 5"

Amid all the speculation about Apple's upcoming smartphone - the rumoured specs, design traits, multiple possible release dates, carriers, etc - there have also been a few suggested names.

While most pundits are referring to the upcoming iPhone as the 'iPhone 5', this name might actually prove to be wrong. Apple could well release a 4G smartphone and in this case, would its name be the '4G iPhone 5'? Apple wouldn't likely choose such a confusing name; so if the next Apple smartphone is a 4G capable device, the name could simply be the 'iPhone 4G', Stewart Wolpin of DVice suggests.

Another purported name being bandied about is the iPhone 4S, just like the upgraded version of the 3G was called the 3S. But this would imply that Apple is planning to release a slightly enhanced version of its current iPhone 4, and not the expected major upgrade.

So perhaps Apple is more likely to go with the 'iPhone 4G'.

Since we're talking about product names, you may have noticed how, unlike phones or tablets, TV sets and home theaters are referred to by a model and number, with a few exceptions: Sony Bravia, Panasonic Viera etc.

Apple is also said to be entering the TV business and we cannot help but wonder - what the company will name its TV product line? The obvious choice iTV, would be difficult, since the BBC rival in the UK, ITV, has said it will vociferously defend its trademark.