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Windows 7 Will be Pre-installed on 94% New PCs Claims Gartner

A new report suggests that Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 7 will manage to power nearly half of the personal computers across the world.

According to PC Pro, on Tuesday, market expert, Gartner released a new report according to which by the end of 2011, Windows 7, the operating system from Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft Corporation will run on nearly 42 percent of total personal computers worldwide.

Gartner’s report has also estimated that around 94 percent of computers shipped in the current year will come pre-installed with Windows 7.

By the end of 2011, nearly 635 million new PCs worldwide are expected to be shipped with Windows 7. Many enterprises have been planning their deployment of Windows 7 for the last 12 to 18 months, and are now moving rapidly to Windows 7.” Annette Jump, director for research at Gartner said.

Jump also added that the research company does not see any other leading OS manufacturers including Apple’s iOS and Google’s Chrome OS holding a significant share in the personal computer market.

The report also suggests that Windows 7 should be the last OS from Microsoft’s factory to be deployed on computers through partnerships with various computer vendors. With increasing dependence on cloud computing and storage, future OS should be made available to users through clouds.