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ZTE ships 35 million mobile phones

OEM handset makers ZTE has announced it has shipped 35 million handsets, during just six months of 2011.

ZTE has reached this milestone in the first half of this year, which is a 30-percent increase in mobile phones shipped – compared to last year, where ZTE has also seen a 400-percent growth in smartphone sales.

The company has 65 mobile network operator partners in Europe, where the handset sales have increased 30-percent with them alone.

IDC published a ‘World Mobile Phone Tracker’ report in July this year, which puts ZTE as the fifth largest mobile phone manufacturer with those figures being based on the first two quarters of the year alone.

This is thanks to ZTE producing low-cost mobile phones for networks, in which the carrier has often rebranded them under their own name.

These handsets are the likes of the Atlanta, the Rio and Rio ll, Miami and San Francisco – all from Orange, or the Vodafone 351 and Vodafone 553.

ZTE recently announced they will be selling their Skate mobile phone under their own name, with the reseller Brightpoint – where the handset is also known as the Orange Monte Carlo, which has just gone on sale this week.

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