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AMNews: Kindle Cloud Reader Goes Live, iPhone 5’s Rip off 'HiPhone 5' Emerges, Angry Birds Cookbook

Amazon, though not officially, has launched a Web based application called the Kindle Cloud Reader which allows users to read their eBooks directly from their Safari or Chrome browser on their PC or iPad. This move by the company seems to be an answer to Apple's policy of 30% cut for in-App sales.

HiPhone 5, an imitation of iPhone 5, has been found on the streets of China. Chinese media is reporting that the fake iPhone 5 is thinner than the iPhone 4 and comes with round edges. Other reports are claiming that the device is extremely light and almost feels like that one is holding a plastic toy.

iPhone maker Apple is a long way from launching the iTunes Replay service that allows customers to stream or re-download the movies they purchased on iTunes on any iOS device or PC. Citing multiple sources within the film industry, a report on CNET informs that the company is yet to sign a deal with at least four of the top six Hollywood movie studios in order to let iTunes users re-download movies on iOS devices and desktop systems.

Nintendo has announced that it will be launching a Flame Red version of its 3DS hand held gaming console on September 9th in the US. The announcement comes as the company revealed that it was planning to cut the price of the glasses free 3D gaming console from $249 to $169 from August 12th.

Angry Birds maker Rovio is planning to release the first in a series of cook books it has created around the popular gaming franchise. Rovio’s Angry Birds has moved beyond the iOS platform to more than 120 million active users who have downloaded the Angry Birds game more than 300 million times on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Nokia, PlayStation 3 and the Chrome web browser.