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Anonymous Is Not Backing 'Operation Facebook'

Anonymous has publicly announced that the hacktivist group’s proposed action against the social networking giant Facebook does not enjoy the backing of the entire group.

The explanation by the group follows a previous statement issued by, presumably some ‘rogue’ elements inside the group, asking for a widespread attack on the social media site for its alleged lack of interest in improving its security and privacy policy.

But as it turns out now, though the threat to kill Facebook once and for all was not merely a hoax, it is safe to reach the conclusion that the proposed action does not enjoy the support of the whole group.

"We absolutely disown #OpFacebook ... We're supposed to fight for the users, not against them. Don't violate private citizen privacy please," one tweet from Anonymous read, according to the Inquirer.

"The old hats of Anonymous have decided to take stronger hold of the reins. We're taking Anon back. Time for sensible, focused discussion," read another.

However, the group also made it clear that it has no soft spot for Facebook either, but unlike its other targets, the social networking site is “not ripe for attack.”

"Don't like Facebook? Organize a 'delete you account' data. Affect FB's bottom line, it's the only language they'll understand," the group tweeted.