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Apple Aces Most Valuable US Firm Chart, Exxon Follows

Much to the glory of Steve Jobs and his corporate army, iPhone maker Apple Inc. ended Tuesday’s trading on a rather high note - with a lead over Exxon Mobil, and thus becoming the most valuable publicly trading company in terms of market capitalisation.

Apple began the day’s trading with a lead over Exxon, which also happened to be the first time the technology giant surpassed the one of the biggest multinational oil and gas corporation in the world. And when it came to the end of trading on the day, the Cupertino, California based tech giant ended on the same high note as it began the day with. The overall market capitalisation stood at $337.17 billion in comparison to that of Exxon at $330.77 billion.

“This shows the power of consumer technology, how it has been adopted and how Apple has changed how consumers do everything,” Michael Gartenberg, technology analyst for Gartner, a research and consulting firm expressed his opinion on this achievement of Apple, JournalGazette reports.

Meanwhile, the company is currently busy preparing the launch of its forthcoming products- iPhone 5, as well as the fifth version of the iOS operating system, scheduled to hit the market sometimes within the next couple of months or so.