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Apple Introducing iPhone 4Gs, iPod Touch White, iPad Pro In September?

Apple could be cooking up a few more surprises than everyone is expecting. While we are all eagerly waiting for the autumn to bring us Apple's next-gen iPhone, it seems that the season could bring us a few additional Apple devices.

According to a "highly reputable" source from within the industry, Apple will be releasing not one, but three new gadgets in September: the iPhone 4Gs, iPod Touch White and iPad Pro.

The anonymous source, a top executive for a consumer electronics accessory firm in Asia wrote in an email to "Heard from one of distributors today, they are quite confirmed that Apple will announce iPhone 4Gs, iPod Touch white, and iPad Pro next month. Take it as a reference. I think they should be reliable."

If the rumour is true, then it probably means that the next gen iPhone should be capable of 4G network connectivity. The '4' in its name doesn't have to be related to Apple's current device, the iPhone 4, but rather to the connectivity, so the next iPhone could still be a totally redesigned, upgraded model. The 's' probably stands for speed, just like the 's' in '3Gs'.

The iPad Pro name doesn't say too much, but there was a report just last week, that a premium iPad 2 tablet was going into production with higher screen resolution as well as front and rear-facing HD cameras.

This autumn is going to be a full one for Apple, if the reports are correct, with the release of 3 devices, the new iOS 5 and the iCloud service.