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Arrests over malicious Facebook posts spread

In a series of copycat incidents, arrests for using social networking sites have spread to Wales.

According to the BBC, the Welsh arrests come "in connection with the misuse of social networking sites to incite crime following riots in England".

Sounds like foreign agitators could be to blame for the unrest. Yesterday a bunch of Scotsmen were lifted on similar charges.

Two men in Cardiff men had their collars felt for 'misusing' Facebook and are currently in custody. A man from Newport was arrested, as was a 21-year-old man from Bangor who got bail, while a 27-year old man from Ebbw Vale was released with a caution after "sending a malicious communication by public communication network".

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Davies told the state broadcaster: "Both [Cardiff] men have been arrested for inciting criminality by misusing the Facebook social networking site."

He added: "South Wales Police is continuing to monitor social networking sites and anyone who uses them to attempt to generate disorder in our communities will be traced and dealt with."

Meanwhile, members of the public are calling for information over a malicious attack that took place in Manchester on August 9th, was caught on camera and posted on YouTube.

The incident is even more horrific when you consider that the young BMX rider could have had ET perched on his handlebars.

Any information you may have that may lead to the apprehension of the criminal thugs should be BBMed to your mates so that the police can pick it up and delete it.