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AWS Cloud Hits Another Roadblock, Customer Data Deleted

Amazon’s cloud ambition has hit another roadblock - following the inconvenience suffered by its cloud customers, due to what the company referred to as a “freak accident” caused by lightning. The latest glitch it seems is a fault in Amazon’s storage software has ended up accidentally deleting data of vital customers.

According to AWS (Amazon Web Services), the software bug started deleting customer data after the outage that took place over the weekend. The company, however, claimed on Wednesday that its technical team was still working hard to recover the deleted data held in its EBS system (Elastic Block Storage), which means that many customers were yet to gain access to the AWS even after three days since the outage had began.

"The root cause was a software error that caused the snapshot references to a subset of blocks to be missed during the reference-counting process,” AWS explained on its status page on Monday.

“As a result of the software error, the EBS snapshot management system in the EU-West Region incorrectly thought some of the blocks were no longer being used and deleted them," it added.

Time will tell how much more damage has been caused by the latest AWS outage due to lightening.