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Detailed iPhone 5 Mockups Based On Leaked Designs

Despite all the rumoured features, leaked cases, pictures, components and suggested design features, no one knows for sure what the iPhone 5 will look like.

However, since Apple customers are desperate to get an idea of what is to come on launch day, MacRumors recently commissioned CiccareseDesign to produce some professional mockup images for the iPhone 5 based around the leaked case design specifications.

According to the site, Chinese manufacturers are already producing new iPhone cases for the models. The mockups provide precise measurements, specifying which spaces should remain open for audio and video inputs and for button controls.

The Home button takes on a horizontal, oval shape as seen in the images, with the much-reported wider edge-to-edge screen and thinner design also found in the recent pictures. The back of the phone has tapered edges, a bit like the ipod touch, and it seems the glass backing has been replaced with aluminium.

If the images are anywhere close to the future iPhone 5, Apple's smartphones looks better than ever. With this design and the rumoured upgraded specs, the iPhone 5 will definitely be worth the wait.

Interestingly, the iphone 5 mockup portrayed by the MacRumors team is very close to the design suggested by tech website ThisIsMyNext for Apple's new smartphone, way back in April.

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