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Facebook launches separate messenger app

Popular social networking site Facebook has brought out a new application for Android and Apple devices, which only allows for messaging and nothing else.

Facebook has created this separate application to remedy the issue of the best way to contact someone on a mobile phone; Should an email or text be sent? Which will they check first? Did they even get the last message?

Messenger is a new mobile app that simplifies how messaging works, whilst also offering up a faster way to message contacts and small groups of people.

Facebook messages are delivered through notifications and texts, ensuring that contacts are more likely to get them right away.

The app treats all contacts the same, whether they are on Facebook or in the phone’s address book.

Group messaging is also possible, where FB messenger can be used in group conversations by messaging many people at once where even map locations and photos can be attached too.

Facebook messenger app is an extension of Facebook messages, where all conversations are in one place. This includes the likes of text messages, chat conversations, emails and also messages.

Messenger is available for both Android and the iPhone, by searching for ‘Facebook Messenger’ in the phone's own app store.

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