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GPRS Can be Hacked Easily Claims German Researcher

A German technology researcher on Wednesday showed global mobile makers and technology firms how General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) can easily be tapped, intercepted, and decrypted with an average mobile phone and a few applications.

According to the New York Times, Karsten Nohl, a computer engineer and a mobile security researcher demonstrated the fellow researchers gathered to attend Chaos Communication Camp, a Berlin-based hackers event how to intercept the voice or data messaged sent across mobile devices over the GPRS easily owing to weak protection provided by mobile network carriers for data information.

Nohl in collaboration with his colleague Luca Melette tapped the information within a radius of five kilometers using a seven year old inexpensive mobile phone from Motorola.

Nohl, the man behind Security Research Labs has released software that will allow anyone with a little interest in technology to intercept and decrypt data from any unsecured network easily.

“We are releasing the software needed to reprogram cheap Motorola phones to become GPRS interceptors,” Nohl stated. He also added that, "Operators want to be able to monitor traffic, to detect and suppress Skype, or to filter viruses, in a decentralized fashion.” The operators won’t be able to keep a check on the traffic if they put on encryption security.