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HiPhone 5 Hits The Stores In China, iPhone 5 Imitation

Since Apple is keeping all of us waiting for it's upcoming iPhone, with no sign of it coming anytime soon, some folks in China have decided to take advantage of the situation and cash in on people's desperate desire for an iPhone 5.

Taobao, China's top online-retail company is selling the "HiPhone 5" for only $33 (210 Yuan) Cnet reports. It has a similar design to the iPhone 4, and it comes not only in black and white, but also red and pink. There are also some more expensive versions that can even cost up to $132 (850 Yuan).

The handset appears to be based on the various rumours regarding the design and form factor of Apple's eagerly awaited iPhone; the Chinese copy features the slimmed-down design and the rounded edges.

China has a long history of creating fake consumer electronics devices, even when it comes to Apple's iPhone. The HiPhone has been around for some years; in 2008, another version was an imitation of the iPhone 3G, even the packaging was based on Apple's design.

As opposed to 2008, when the copy came after the original smartphone, this time it seems that the HiPhone 5 will be hitting the shelves before the genuine smartphone model.

There is no sign of Apple's real next-gen iPhone yet, despite all the speculation floating around pointing towards a September or October release.