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LG Electronics & Sony Patch Up, Patent Dispute Settled

LG Electronics and Sony have decided to end their bitter patent battle to make way for a new cross licensing deal.

The two companies have been locked in 24 patent lawsuits related to mobile phones, digital televisions and Blu-ray players. Their relationship soured after the two companies failed to renew a licensing deal which expired around three years ago.

The Japanese and Korean companies failed to give further details about their cross licensing deal but confirmed that they had dropped all the patent infringement lawsuits against each other.

“LG and Sony recently agreed to drop patent infringement lawsuits against each other," a spokesperson for LG told Reuters. Sony declined to comment apart from confirming what LG had said.

Earlier both the companies had filed patent infringement complaints against each other in the United States and Europe. LG had complained that Sony’s PlayStation 3 patent violates its Blu-ray patents and had also filed a complaint against Sony’s Bravia TVs while Sony tried to get some of LG’s mobile phones blocked in the United States.

Later, LG had managed to get an injunction against Sony in Netherlands, with the courts seizing shipments of PS3 consoles.