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Motorola Acknowledges Apple Lawsuit Over Xoom Tablet

Mobile phone manufacturer Motorola Inc has revealed that the company has been slapped with a lawsuit for copyright infringement by iPhone maker Apple Inc.

According to tech website the Inquirer, the Illinois-based Motorola Inc. has said that rival company Apple is filing a lawsuit against the company for alleged infringement of design patents for its first ever tablet computer, the Xoom, in Europe.

The news has emerged just a day after a court in Germany introduced an injunction against the sale and marketing of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 across the nations of the European Union, except for the Netherlands, citing the similar design and technology the Galaxy Tab shares with Apple's iPad.

"After Motorola filed patent infringement complaints against Apple in Germany in April 2011, Apple responded by filing its own patent infringement actions against Motorola in Germany including design patent infringement claims," Motorola told the Inquirer.

Motorola also revealed that the lawsuit was filed by Apple Inc on May 27th who may ask for an injunction against Xoom too. Motorola has denied the claims made by Apple Inc and the company is ready to 'vigorously defend' its 'own product designs'.

The Xoom is the first tablet device from Motorola and is based on Android OS 3.0 Honeycomb.