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Nokia Says ‘No Plans to Offer Nokia N9’ in The UK

Finnish mobile giant Nokia has confirmed that it has no intention of launching its new Nokia N9 handset in major markets, including the UK.

The Nokia N9, which happens to be the company’s only Smartphone powered by the MeeGo OS platform, will miss out both the UK and the US, and this despite all the initial positive reviews bagged by the device so far.

Nokia also clarified that the company’s priority focus for the US market, as of now, is solely based on the Windows Phone platform and not the Symbian.

"Although we are delighted with the very positive reception that the Nokia N9 has received, here in the UK there are no plans to offer the Nokia N9 at present," stated the company, the Telegraph, UK reports.

The N9 comes equipped with an integrated 8 megapixel camera, up to 64 GB of storage capacity as well as the built-in near field communication (NFC) technology

The N9 also features near-field communication technology and up to 64gb of storage as well as Nokia’s standard turn-by-turn navigation software.

Marko Ahtisaari, Nokia's head of Design, said, “The details that make the Nokia N9 unique - the industrial design, the all-screen user experience, and the expressive Qt framework for developers - will evolve in future Nokia products."