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Resellers Await Influx Of Apple Handsets As iPhone 5 Arrives

In less than an hour after the iPhone 4 official announcement at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2010, Gazelle had already started buying back older iPhone models.

Within just 60 minutes Gadget buyback service Gazelle had bought back 3,000 iPhones from individuals who were looking to dump their old devices, and by the end of the day the number was already up to 10,000.

Altogether, Gazelle bought back almost 32,000 iPhones in 2010 from individuals who were wanting to be rid of their old model not because they weren't satisfied with them, but because they wanted to upgrade and purchase the latest iPhone version, getting some money back at the same time.

Anthony Scarsella, Gazelle's chief gadget officer, remembers that the significant number of bought back iPhone models shocked them, since one out of ten devices the company was buying back was an iPhone.

Apple usually updates its iPhone model in June or July, but this year both summer months have passed with no trace of the upcoming iPhone. Resellers are waiting for the new round of 'old' Apple smartphones to come, but so far Gazelle has only taken in about 18,000 iPhones. Apple is believed to be releasing the next gen iPhone this autumn, but until then Gazelle, NextWorth, eBay Instant Sale and the like, will have to hold on a while for the influx of iPhone 4 handsets.