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Tesco Cuts Nintendo 3DS Price to £115

The price of Nintendo’s latest offering 3DS has now faced another cut, as retailing chain Tesco reduces the price to a complete half of its original pre-order price in wake of declining interest in the gadget.

According to tech website Euro Gamer, British retailing chain Tesco on Wednesday confirmed that Nintendo 3DS will be offered at a price of just £115, which is exactly 50 percent of the original price quoted by the manufacturers.

The announcement has come after the Japanese console makers officially reduced the sale price of one of their most ambitious product within a few months of its launch in Japan. New price for United Kingdom and the United States were said to be in the pipeline. The company cited declining sale of the handheld gaming console in the home country and abroad.

The slash in prices of the console is a part of company’s strategy to "create momentum for the Nintendo 3DS and accelerate its market penetration toward the year-end sales season", the makers at a press meet had stated.

Tesco has reduced the price by a good £20 and the step will be embraced by other retailers as well.This may well trigger a price cut war among retail giants in the UK and elsewere.