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Twitter’s New Photo Sharing Tool Defies Third Party Apps

Micro blogging platform Twitter has added a new photo sharing feature to its platform, to make it easier for users to upload photos without using third party apps.

In what is being seen as a huge blow to third party apps, Twitter will now allow users to upload photos along with their 140-character long messages. The service can be accessed by clicking on the camera icon which appears when users click on the ‘What’s Happening’ box.

The service, which was initially unveiled in June, is a heavy blow to third party photo sharing apps like Twitpic and Yfrog.

Twitter’s new photo sharing feature is powered by Photobucket, which will be responsible for hosting the images. Users can upload images as big as 3MB in size.

However, the feature is yet to be released for mobile Twitter users. The company is expected to bring the functionality for Smartphones when Apple will release the highly awaited iPhone 5 and iOS 5 platforms.

When the company first announced the service in June, it revealed that it was working with wireless carriers around the world to allow Twitter users to upload photos on the platform via MMS message.

It would be interesting to see how the third party apps will react to this offering from Twitter as users will be definitely inclined to use a native option rather than a third party app.