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Yahoo Revamps Image Search, Incorporates Facebook Tab

Internet company Yahoo has updated its image search feature with a new look and features including integration with Facebook.

The revamped Yahoo image search comes with three tabs, Top Results, Galleries and Facebook.

The Top Results tab shows the regular image search results from the web. The second tab, Galleries, displays galleries on Yahoo News, Flickr and OMG. The Facebook tab shows images from users’ Facebook friends’ photos, provided that a Facebook account is connected with Yahoo.

“One of the most significant changes we’ve made to Yahoo! Image Search is the way images are displayed and navigated,” Yahoo explained in a blog post.

“By clicking on any image on the search results page, the image will appear on a fresh page allowing users to browse effortlessly through full-size images with a simple click on the desktop browser,” the company added.

When clicked on any image from the search results, it brings some sort of a slideshow viewer with options to either jump to an image or go through them all like a slideshow.

Yahoo image search is yet to incorporate the infinite scroll feature that is found on Google and Bing. The feature allows one to keep on scrolling for the right image without clicking on the ‘next’ button.