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AMNews: UK Prime Minister Urge for Social Media Crackdown, Twitter Activity Stream, Nintendo 3DS Price Wars

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has suggested banning of potential rioters and criminals from social networking websites while addressing a debate session at the House of Commons in the Parliament. According to English daily, The Guardian, Prime Minister David Cameron has suggested that the government is looking at new policies to keep a check on social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and ban people who are found plotting any sort of criminal activity.

LG Electronics and Sony have decided to end their bitter patent battle to make way for a new cross licensing deal. The two companies have been locked in 24 patent lawsuits related to mobile phones, digital televisions and Blu-ray players. Their relationship soured after the two companies failed to renew a licensing deal which expired around three years ago.

PCs are soon going to be outdated and may extinct for good - the same way as typewriters and vinyl records did - claimed one of the engineers who played a crucial role during the earlier stages in the personal computer revolution. The claim was made by Dr. Mark Dean in a blog post commemorating the 30 year anniversary of the first ever IBM PC. According to Dr. Dean, PCs can no longer be termed as the leading computing platform, and may be soon replaced by newer and more sophisticated technologies.

Microblogging platform Twitter has introduced a couple of brand new activity centred features on Wednesday as a partial modification to its web application. The modifications are basically designed to assist users in discovering the latest happenings on the site that can potentially influence them. They will come in the form of two new tabs- “username” and “activity”.

The price of Nintendo’s latest offering 3DS has now faced another cut, as retailing chain Tesco reduces the price to a complete half of its original pre-order price in wake of declining interest in the gadget. According to tech website Euro Gamer, British retailing chain Tesco on Wednesday confirmed that Nintendo 3DS will be offered at a price of just £115, which is exactly 50 percent of the original price quoted by the manufacturers.