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Brits Want Slimmer iPhone 5 Reveals Survey

The result of a new survey based on the responses of more than 1,700 British nationals have revealed that craze among consumers for Apple’s iPhone has not vanished and users are still looking for some enhancements in the next version of legendary Smartphone.

According to the survey conducted by Good Mobile Phones a majority of the Britons surveyed, 48 percent of 1,700 people to be specific, hope that the fifth version of the iPhone is slimmer than its predecessor iPhone 4.

Around 45 percent of the people surveyed wish that iPhone 5 have a longer battery backup whereas good 39 percent wish for more storage space in the phone. 32 percent of the total wish that iPhone 5 is a lighter version of iPhone 4.

"It was interesting to see 'thinner handset' top the charts as the thing people most want from the new iPhone 5, and clearly lighter, slimmer technology is important to mobile phone users. I guess we'll all just have to wait and see what we can expect when the phone is released," managing director of Good Mobile Phones, Mark Owen said.

The survey has also showed that around 45 percent are desperately waiting for iPhone 5 to release while 62 percent were willing to wait for a few months before swapping their current Smartphone with iPhone 5.