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BT Openreach Warns Of Disruptions Due To Riots

BT Openreach has revealed that some of its broadband and landline services might be impacted due to the riots that have broken out in London and other large cities in the UK.

The company warned that maintenance work carried out by its engineers will be impacted in some areas where the police have blocked access or in areas where its engineers might be at risk.

In a press release, BT Openreach customer services in some areas might also be affected, resulting in missed appointments in some cases.

The company said that it planned to operate as usual but in some cases disruptions in services might occur. BT Openreach, which is BT’s infrastructure arm, said that will focus its resources on repair work rather than facilitating new connections.

“There has been some impact on the service we are able to provide our customers, including missed appointments, where our engineers have been unable to access affected areas,” BT Openreach said.

“Work in the late afternoons, evenings and at night in parts of London and in a number of town and city centres, continues to be severely restricted until law and order is fully restored. In all cases we aim to meet our commitments as quickly as possible when it is safe to do so." it continued.