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DARPA Lose Contact with ‘Fastest Ever’ Falcon HTV-2

The US government has lost its $300 million super-jet capable of flying at speeds of 13,000 Mph, minutes after it was launched.

The Falcon HTV-2 was launched for a hypersonic test flight from the Vandenberg air force base in California.

When the aircraft, which has been made by special carbon fibre, separated from the rocket, which was used to launch it, officials on the ground soon lost all contact with it.

According to officials at the US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) revealed that they had lost contact with the aircraft approximately 10 minutes after launch.

The plane was capable of flying at speeds 22 times more than the speed of sound at Mach 22 and could fly from London to Sydney in an hour and cover the distance between New York and Los Angeles within 12 minutes.

"Prior to flight, the technical team completed the most sophisticated simulations and extensive wind tunnel tests possible." DARPA Director Regina Dugan said.

The agency developed the plane as the part of the Prompt Global Strike plan which could allow the US to launch attacks anywhere in the world within an hour. This was the second plane which DARPA lost and is now considering the entire project for closure. This plane, the HTV-2, lost all contact within 10 minutes of launch. Fortunately, the HTV-2 was an unmanned hypersonic aircraft.

[Image courtesy: DARPA]