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Fake Apple Stores Found in China Again, 22 This Time

Chinese authorities have discovered 22 more fake Apple Stores operating in the city of Kunming while acting on a complaint filed by Apple.

According to media reports, the authorities have asked the stores to stop using Apple’s trademark for selling products. The authorities are investigating 11 of the resellers over trademark violations.

The stores have been ordered to stop using Apple’s logo by August 10, including the ones on doors and employee uniforms. All the 22 fake Apple Stores have agreed to the request.

A government posting informed that it was acting on a complaint filed by Apple’s Shanghai office on August 2nd.

The authorities took action after an American blogger discovered a fake Apple Store where she was living and posted its images online. The news got global popularity with people posting fake Apple Stores located all over the world.

The news also caught the eye of Apple, which apart from filing a complaint with Chinese authorities, has filed a lawsuit in the US to take legal actions against those who infringe its trademark.

The company has emerged as one of the world’s most popular brands, becoming the target of people wanting to profit from it. HiPhone 5 which emerged in Chinese markets is the lastest in this trend.