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Google Calls On ITC To Disqualify Microsoft Expert

Search engine giant Google has asked the US International Trade Commission to ban a Microsoft expert from testifying in an ongoing lawsuit between the latter and Motorola.

The company said that Microsoft had violated the confidentiality agreement signed by Google, Microsoft and Motorola by showing Android’s source code to an expert without first having permission from Google.

Google claimed that Microsoft’s expert Robert Stevenson should not be allowed to testify in a patent infringement lawsuit between Microsoft and Motorola.

Motorola had first filed a lawsuit against Microsoft, claiming that the software giant violated its patents in Xbox 360. Microsoft responded by a lawsuit of its own, claiming that Motorola violated some of its patents with its Android based smartphones.

"The protective order governing confidentiality in this investigation explicitly requires that Microsoft disclose to Google any consultant or expert seeking access to Google confidential business information or highly confidential source code before [emphasis in original] allowing a consultant or expert to review such information so that Google has an opportunity to object prior to disclosure," Google said in its complaint to the ITC.

The company also claimed that the source code viewed by Stevenson was something that Google did not even share with its partners like Motorola.