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Google Receives Data Deletion Request from Spanish Government

The Spanish government has asked Google to delete information on 90 individuals from its search engine.

According to The New York Times, the Spanish government believes that every individual has a right to get their information deleted from the web.

However, the search engine giant is of the view that deleting the information could do serious damage and harm to freedom of speech.

Spain’s Data Protection Agency had received complaints from 90 individuals, who claimed that there were certain ‘out of date’ articles which can found on Google that are spreading negative information about them.

One such case includes that of a domestic violence victim whose address can be found on the search engine. Another such case is of a woman whose reports about her criminal activity as a teenager are available online through Google search.

“I do not approach this subject of the ‘right to be forgotten’ lightly. I know that there is a balance to be struck with freedom of expression,” said European Commission vice president Viviane Reding.

“It may also call for some flexibility in the way this balance is struck, but I cannot accept that individuals have no say over their data once it has been launched into cyberspace.” she added.