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Google Updates Chrome OS with VPN, WiFi & Netflix App

Android owner Google has delivered a much needed update to its Chrome OS platform, bringing support for VPN and Citrix virtualisation among other things.

The update has been designed to make Chromebook devices more appealing to enterprise users.

The platform now comes with support for VPN or virtual private networks, which allows users to remotely connect to their corporate networks in a secure manner. Chrome OS now also offers support for the secure 802.1X Wi-Fi protocol for connecting to secure Wi-Fi networks.

Chrome OS also offering the Citrix Receiver add-on, which will allow businesses to turn a Windows PC and its apps in to a web app, which can be remotely accessed by employees, thereby reducing IT complexities, without installing a client side application.

Popular movie streaming service Netflix and Amazon’s Kindle e-reader app has also been made available to the new version of Chrome OS released by Google.

“Over the last few months we’ve gotten great feedback from many of our Chromebooks for Business and Education customers, and we’re excited that this week’s latest stable release of Chrome OS includes their top feature requests: VPN and secure Wi-Fi (802.1x) support, and access to virtualized applications,” the company wrote in a blog post.